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Nillkin OnePlus 7T Pro Super Frosted Shield

৳ 400.00
  • Product Category:protective case
  • Product Gross Weight:74.9g
  • Product Net Weight:19.0g
  • Product Size:164.12*77.78*1.3mm

Oneplus 5 Official Sandstone Case

৳ 840.00
  • Sandstone: 154.2*76.2*8.8 mm
  • Sandstone: 16g
  • Material: Sandstone PC
  • Color : Sandstone

Oneplus 5T Official Sandstone Case

৳ 900.00
  • This case is specially designed OnePlus 5T.
  • Made from the highest quality material
  • Raised front edges help protect your device's screen
  • Offers a soft touch which provides excellent grip and anti slip properties

Oneplus 6 Official Sandstone Case

৳ 1,200.00
  • Color: Sandstone
  • Dimensions : 156*77*9.5 mm
  • Material : Sandstone: PC

OnePlus 6T Official Karbon Protective Case

৳ 2,100.00
  • Light weight, high strength, good toughness and high temperature resistance
  • Uses modern material compound lipid technology, appearance and material perfect combination
  • Super high temperature and high pressure molded, perfectly fits with mobile phone

OnePlus 6T Official Nylon Bumper Case

৳ 1,700.00
  • The four-sided TPU soft adhesive is made of secondary injection molding and the middle pc is used as the skeleton support
  • The nylon adherent surface has unique texture and antifouling and wear-resistant
  • Specially treated nylon edge, perfectly combined with soft rubber material, smooth handle

Oneplus 6T Official Sandstone Case

৳ 1,000.00
  • Select natural sandstone paint, 4 layers of fine sand spray brush
  • Sticks closely to the phone design, light and thin fit
  • Comfortable and strong feel of sandstone particles

OnePlus 7 Official Bumper Case Nylon

৳ 1,350.00
Brand OnePlus
Type Bumper Case
Material Nylon+PC+TPU
Color Black
Compatible Phone Model OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 Pro Super Frosted Shield

৳ 400.00
Product Category:protective case Product Gross Weight:76.5g Product Net Weight:19.7g Package Size:203*100*20mm Product Size:163.71*77.71*1.3mm

OnePlus 7T Official Bumper Case Karbon

৳ 2,300.00
  • A perfect match - Designed in unison with the OnePlus 7T, each protective case perfectly fits our latest device. With subtle raised edges, the lightweight yet highly effective OnePlus7T Protective Case won’t let you down
  • Flexible, sturdy and lightweight. Special fibres, Expertly woven into this case’s instantly recognizable geometric design, offer enhanced shock and corrosion resistance

OnePlus 7T Official Protective Case Sandstone

৳ 1,250.00
Brand OnePlus
Type Protective Case
Material PC
Color Black
Compatible Phone Model OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7T Official Silicone Bumper Case (Red)

৳ 1,350.00
  • The fluid silicone shell is paired with soft microfiber lining, for enhanced scratch-protection
  • A bespoke case, perfectly tailored for a seamless fit.